Monday, July 26, 2010

End of Bloom Season

Well its been to long since I posted. My seedlings I started over the winter are still sitting in the seedling trays. Lost a bunch more but I figure if they survive that long in the seedling trays in this heat and drought they are going to be hardy. Don't mean to do it this way but seems like I do every year.  This year has been crazy and I didn't even get to the beds to make as many crosses as I have in the past. My last cross attempt was June 26th. 76 attempts and nothing to show so far. Not many pods even set this year and so far those that did have just dried up and shriveled away. I just got a few pods left out there. I bought a water pump 2 years ago to stick in the creek but still haven't bought all the accessories needed to hook it up, so I haven't gotten to water  this year except the ones by the house.