Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Temp Bed

Well winter is just about over (knock on wood). Right now my wife and I are living with her parents and her dad plowed up an old garden spot back in the fall  and said I can grow my "flowers" there. I took out a 50' tape measure today and measured the plowed up area its 48' x 126'. So I should have plenty of room to grow what I have now and maybe even enlarge my inventory.  :) LOL Since I used raised beds in the past I'm gonna bring those over and use them but if you look at these pictures you'll see the soil is fairly good soil. So as of right now I'm planning on planting some directly in the ground.  I'm thinking of having all tet named in the ground then my tet seedlings in some raised beds. Then named dips in the ground and then dip sedings in raised beds. Depending on how things lay out. I'll probably have to play with the map several times before getting it the way I want it.  I'm also thinking since I have more room now that I'll probably go ahead and divide the clumps up and start lying things out so it will be easy for me when I start selling again.

These next 2 pictures are taken from across the road and a top of the hill. The road that you can see about middle of the picture and behind the barns is Hwy 11w

Now just to get busy and starting mapping my stuff out and I'll try to post it too.

Here is a simple drawing of what I have in mind.

Starting on the left side you'll see 4 cluster rows of three rows. With a walk way between each cluster row Since I should plant daylilies no closer then 2ft together I can get 24 daylilies per row and 72 per cluster. This first section I'll place my named tets next you'll see 1 square and 4 rectangles. I'll place my tet seedlings here. If I run out of room then I'll just make rows directly in the dirt. The the next group is dip named and dip seedlings.  Each cluster row will be appr 4 ft wide and I'm thinking of making the walkway between each cluster and raised bed 6 ft that should leave me about 24 ft to the right.