Friday, February 19, 2010

Trying Something New

Ok I'm getting antsy about my seeds this year. I had 23 crosses still and didn't want to wait for the sprouter. So I've bit the bullet and went ahead with something else. I use little zip lock bags to store my seeds in so I thought I'd just pour the H2O2/water solution into the bags and place them in an old clear plastic box (that I used before to try to grow seeds in) then stuck the box on top of a heat mat from a mini green house , that didn't work for me either. I may check the water in a cpl of days to see if any are sprouting early or if mold is going to form. I found out that a lot times moldy seeds are bad seeds.

Here is the list of what I had left.

Susan Pritchard Petit X Over The Top
Over The Top X Susan Pritchard Petit
Business Unusual X All About Eve
Lady Of Sharon X Snow Blizzard
Lady Of Sharon X Yazoo Jim Terry
Lady Of Sharon X Frances Joiner
Lady Of Sharon X wags-03-46
Lady Of Sharon X Silver Highlights
Lady Of Sharon X wags-03-52
Lady Of Sharon X wags-01-06
Lady Of Sharon X Big Kiss
Lady Of Sharon X Arctic Chill
Lady Of Sharon X wags-04-57
Arctic Chill X Lady Of Sharon
Arctic Chill X wags-01-06
Big Kiss X Lady Of Sharon
Big Kiss X Unk
wags-01-06  X Arctic Chill
Exotic Echo X Lady Of Sharon
Scatterbrain X Yazoo Jim Terry
Lucky Pierre X Arctic Chill
Frances Joiner X Lady Of Sharon
wags-04-57 X Lady Of Sharon
Snow Blizzrd X Lady Of Sharon
Rachael My Love X Lavender Blue Baby
Exotic Echo X Betty Woods

Think you can tell what I'm trying to get yet?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Potting Up

Started potting up the first run of seeds from the sprouter. Didn't leave them in as long as I have before. Some started growing pretty good and a few didn't even start sprouting yet. Had one that already started growing through the mesh.



Now I planted all these is tree seedling tray that I learned about from Lee Pickles when visiting his greenhouse during a Mid Winter Symposium a few years back. The tree seedling tray sure makes it easier to keep things together. Once they start sprouting & growing better I'll take pics of that and share them.

Since I haven't decided how I'm gonna do the rest of the seeds I went ahead  and placed 12 more crosses in the sprouter.

A- Powder Puff Truffle X Gerrie Frankenberger
A red- Gemini Jack X Boysenberry Truffle
A yellow -Rose Duet X Boysenberry Truffle
B - Rhubarb Truffle X Over The Top
B red - Rhubarb Truffle X Gemini Jack
B yellow - Soft Tender Touch X Ariel Benjamin
C - Carp01 X Ariel Bejamin
C red - Gerrie Frankenbarger X wags-05-09
C yellow - wags-05-09 X Boysenberry Truffle
D - Powder Puff Truffle X wags-03-17
D red - wags-03-14 X Eye Be Darn
D yellow - wags-03-11 X Mulberry Connection

Friday, February 5, 2010

Seed sprouting

Well I think these are the fastest ones I've had sprout. Here it is day 8 after starting this batch and I saw the first sprouts when I changed my water out this am.



Now in a few days when the sprouts get a little longer then I'll move them to a  seedling tray. Went through the rest of my crosses and  I still have 42 crosses to start.  Been trying to determine if I want to continue using this method or place seeds in seedling trays.  To start all these crosses would take a very long time or I would have to buy a few more sprouters. Can't find them @ Wally World any more but I've found them on the Internet cheapest I've found so far is ~$13 plus S&H. I would need about 4 more to speed things along but don't know if I want to invest that much into it.