Friday, February 19, 2010

Trying Something New

Ok I'm getting antsy about my seeds this year. I had 23 crosses still and didn't want to wait for the sprouter. So I've bit the bullet and went ahead with something else. I use little zip lock bags to store my seeds in so I thought I'd just pour the H2O2/water solution into the bags and place them in an old clear plastic box (that I used before to try to grow seeds in) then stuck the box on top of a heat mat from a mini green house , that didn't work for me either. I may check the water in a cpl of days to see if any are sprouting early or if mold is going to form. I found out that a lot times moldy seeds are bad seeds.

Here is the list of what I had left.

Susan Pritchard Petit X Over The Top
Over The Top X Susan Pritchard Petit
Business Unusual X All About Eve
Lady Of Sharon X Snow Blizzard
Lady Of Sharon X Yazoo Jim Terry
Lady Of Sharon X Frances Joiner
Lady Of Sharon X wags-03-46
Lady Of Sharon X Silver Highlights
Lady Of Sharon X wags-03-52
Lady Of Sharon X wags-01-06
Lady Of Sharon X Big Kiss
Lady Of Sharon X Arctic Chill
Lady Of Sharon X wags-04-57
Arctic Chill X Lady Of Sharon
Arctic Chill X wags-01-06
Big Kiss X Lady Of Sharon
Big Kiss X Unk
wags-01-06  X Arctic Chill
Exotic Echo X Lady Of Sharon
Scatterbrain X Yazoo Jim Terry
Lucky Pierre X Arctic Chill
Frances Joiner X Lady Of Sharon
wags-04-57 X Lady Of Sharon
Snow Blizzrd X Lady Of Sharon
Rachael My Love X Lavender Blue Baby
Exotic Echo X Betty Woods

Think you can tell what I'm trying to get yet?

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