Saturday, February 13, 2010

Potting Up

Started potting up the first run of seeds from the sprouter. Didn't leave them in as long as I have before. Some started growing pretty good and a few didn't even start sprouting yet. Had one that already started growing through the mesh.



Now I planted all these is tree seedling tray that I learned about from Lee Pickles when visiting his greenhouse during a Mid Winter Symposium a few years back. The tree seedling tray sure makes it easier to keep things together. Once they start sprouting & growing better I'll take pics of that and share them.

Since I haven't decided how I'm gonna do the rest of the seeds I went ahead  and placed 12 more crosses in the sprouter.

A- Powder Puff Truffle X Gerrie Frankenberger
A red- Gemini Jack X Boysenberry Truffle
A yellow -Rose Duet X Boysenberry Truffle
B - Rhubarb Truffle X Over The Top
B red - Rhubarb Truffle X Gemini Jack
B yellow - Soft Tender Touch X Ariel Benjamin
C - Carp01 X Ariel Bejamin
C red - Gerrie Frankenbarger X wags-05-09
C yellow - wags-05-09 X Boysenberry Truffle
D - Powder Puff Truffle X wags-03-17
D red - wags-03-14 X Eye Be Darn
D yellow - wags-03-11 X Mulberry Connection

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