Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Reworked my webpage a little. Instead of having a person go outside of my website to view my catalog my catalog os now inside. Special thanks to Kent Balen, owner of the Plantstep Flower Software, who made this catalog possible with his program and allowing me to directly add it into my site. Just continue scrolling to view the whole page then to view different pages in this catalog portion click on the Individual alphabet button or use the numerical buttons. Then to go back and view other pages in my site click on the bottons above (ex. Home, and of the seedlings pages, links, etc.). For some reason Firefox browser is getting hard to view this part of my site. If catalog doesn't show up check to see if you need to update your adobe flash player. Also some ad blockng or pop up blockers for your browser my prevent you from seeing the catalog, also make sure hardware acceleration is not checked in your browsers options.

Wagsworld Daylilies

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Boy Time flies. When do I get to start having fun

Its been a long time since I've done anything. I'm finally starting to move my plants to the house Kathy and I live in now, which happens to be the place we first lived in for the first 8 years of our life together. I've gotten most of my daylilies moved. Hoping to finish this coming spring to move the diploids.

I've made one huge bed for my tetraploids.

One large bed for my tet seedlings

 7 small beds for my dip seedlings

In this long time that it took to move my daylilies. I've lost a lot of my plants esp the seedlings. One of my seedlings that I was hoping to introduce I had three huge clumps, when I brought them here they all dwindled down to 2 measly fans. So back to the drawing board.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not there yet

Well here it is almost July and I still haven't gotten my daylilies moved. First the place that I was going to move them to was taken away. So in May my dad started clearing out an old garden spot they haven't used in a while. Well then we got so much rain that I couldn't work outside plus I also started a new job back in April and the scheduling is all over the place so its hard to get anywhere. Luckily I have been now given till fall to get them moved. We've moved to an apartment so I can't move them here and its about a 20 minute drive to my folks. So I'm not getting to see my stuff bloom. I'm missing my daylilies. Hopefully I'll get back in the grove soon.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lesson Learned

I learned a valuable lesson today. I was finally entering my seedlings from my 2009 crosses into the database and onto my website. No problem there. The problem was when I was looking at the crosses I wanted to see why I picked that cross. Well I used a named cultivar with one of my seedlings.  For some reason I decided to cull that seedling. Probably didn't have enough bud count but it had a pretty face. Well when I culled it I deleted it out of the database so I couldn't find anything on it. But luckily I keep a back up of my crosses so I could at least find out what the parentage was. So now I know (and hopefully remember) that when I cull a seedling to make sure it wasn't used in any crosses.

Well here it is the 26th of March and I still don't have the new (temp) bed ready yet. Since the garden was plowed in the fall it needs to be rototilled  father n law just got one but it needs a longer sleeve(?). It barley hooks on the tractor and it would probably shear it if used. So wait a  little bit longer. I may have to go see if i can find me some large pots to pot them all in.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Temp Bed

Well winter is just about over (knock on wood). Right now my wife and I are living with her parents and her dad plowed up an old garden spot back in the fall  and said I can grow my "flowers" there. I took out a 50' tape measure today and measured the plowed up area its 48' x 126'. So I should have plenty of room to grow what I have now and maybe even enlarge my inventory.  :) LOL Since I used raised beds in the past I'm gonna bring those over and use them but if you look at these pictures you'll see the soil is fairly good soil. So as of right now I'm planning on planting some directly in the ground.  I'm thinking of having all tet named in the ground then my tet seedlings in some raised beds. Then named dips in the ground and then dip sedings in raised beds. Depending on how things lay out. I'll probably have to play with the map several times before getting it the way I want it.  I'm also thinking since I have more room now that I'll probably go ahead and divide the clumps up and start lying things out so it will be easy for me when I start selling again.

These next 2 pictures are taken from across the road and a top of the hill. The road that you can see about middle of the picture and behind the barns is Hwy 11w

Now just to get busy and starting mapping my stuff out and I'll try to post it too.

Here is a simple drawing of what I have in mind.

Starting on the left side you'll see 4 cluster rows of three rows. With a walk way between each cluster row Since I should plant daylilies no closer then 2ft together I can get 24 daylilies per row and 72 per cluster. This first section I'll place my named tets next you'll see 1 square and 4 rectangles. I'll place my tet seedlings here. If I run out of room then I'll just make rows directly in the dirt. The the next group is dip named and dip seedlings.  Each cluster row will be appr 4 ft wide and I'm thinking of making the walkway between each cluster and raised bed 6 ft that should leave me about 24 ft to the right.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Begins

Well fall has started and I never did get my seedlings planted for the year. So I just potted them up. Well if they survive I know they will be hardy. On another note that may affect my daylilies is that I have resigned from the mission I was working and will have to move by the end of the year. Since I always plants when I plant in the fall I asked the board if i can leave them here till the end of May and they said I could I could. So depending on where I move to to I may or may not be able to continue growing my daylilies. Time will tell.

Monday, July 26, 2010

End of Bloom Season

Well its been to long since I posted. My seedlings I started over the winter are still sitting in the seedling trays. Lost a bunch more but I figure if they survive that long in the seedling trays in this heat and drought they are going to be hardy. Don't mean to do it this way but seems like I do every year.  This year has been crazy and I didn't even get to the beds to make as many crosses as I have in the past. My last cross attempt was June 26th. 76 attempts and nothing to show so far. Not many pods even set this year and so far those that did have just dried up and shriveled away. I just got a few pods left out there. I bought a water pump 2 years ago to stick in the creek but still haven't bought all the accessories needed to hook it up, so I haven't gotten to water  this year except the ones by the house.