Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lesson Learned

I learned a valuable lesson today. I was finally entering my seedlings from my 2009 crosses into the database and onto my website. No problem there. The problem was when I was looking at the crosses I wanted to see why I picked that cross. Well I used a named cultivar with one of my seedlings.  For some reason I decided to cull that seedling. Probably didn't have enough bud count but it had a pretty face. Well when I culled it I deleted it out of the database so I couldn't find anything on it. But luckily I keep a back up of my crosses so I could at least find out what the parentage was. So now I know (and hopefully remember) that when I cull a seedling to make sure it wasn't used in any crosses.

Well here it is the 26th of March and I still don't have the new (temp) bed ready yet. Since the garden was plowed in the fall it needs to be rototilled  father n law just got one but it needs a longer sleeve(?). It barley hooks on the tractor and it would probably shear it if used. So wait a  little bit longer. I may have to go see if i can find me some large pots to pot them all in.

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