Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Reworked my webpage a little. Instead of having a person go outside of my website to view my catalog my catalog os now inside. Special thanks to Kent Balen, owner of the Plantstep Flower Software, who made this catalog possible with his program and allowing me to directly add it into my site. Just continue scrolling to view the whole page then to view different pages in this catalog portion click on the Individual alphabet button or use the numerical buttons. Then to go back and view other pages in my site click on the bottons above (ex. Home, and of the seedlings pages, links, etc.). For some reason Firefox browser is getting hard to view this part of my site. If catalog doesn't show up check to see if you need to update your adobe flash player. Also some ad blockng or pop up blockers for your browser my prevent you from seeing the catalog, also make sure hardware acceleration is not checked in your browsers options.

Wagsworld Daylilies

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