Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Need to keep a closer eye on things

Well its been a while since I've posted anything. Been embarrassed and didn't want to post but I thought I would so maybe it will help the next time. Well what I did was not pay attention to my seedlings. Since I grow them in the basement under lights and probably  don't have enough, plus some one told me once before to change my bulbs out once a year whether or not they are still burning  (something about light rays and stuff grows better, I beieve it ), my seedlings where growing great but tall and spindly. I usually give them a "hair cut" before they get to big but didn't get to them in time this year. When they get so tall and spindly they can fall over and die. I think they snap or something. Had it happen in the past when first started growing indoors. Well I got busy this year and wasn't watching them and yup it happened I lost over half of my stuff. Nope didn't have any fungus gnats or anything as a matter of fact this year so I'm sure that's what caused it. A lot of tall plants, over 6", just laying on the side and browning up. Some I picked up and they just came loose from the ground. So no pictures this time.

 Now that's it warm outside I've taken them outside and maybe once they start growing again and lookdescent I'll take some pictures.

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